Wholesale Popcorn: Things You May Not Know

Wholesale Popcorn: Things You May Not Know

In recent years we have seen popcorn move from the cinema stalls to the supermarket shelves. If you are passionate about popcorn just like UK popcorn company MacCorns, then you will know that popcorn has more antioxidants than fruit and vegetables. You can bulk buy popcorn UK from MacCorns. They say that “as well as being a great diet food, popcorn also contains a high level of antioxidants, which help fight harmful molecules”.

You cannot beat the smell of hot, freshly popped popcorn. The sweet aroma is unlike any other and during the winter months, it is the perfect low calories comfort snack. Popcorn packets can be made and devoured in a matter of minutes. It is an excellent diet food. If popcorn is your favourite food, then let’s talk about it! Find out things you may not know about wholesale popcorn below.

Popcorn Shapes


Popcorn comes in all shapes and sizes, making it one of the most unique snacks on the market. Buying popcorn in bulk is an excellent way to please party guest and you will not have to worry about everything looking perfect as wholesale popcorn take its own shape.

Popcorn companies have found that bigger kernels produce, the larger and more attractive butterfly flake that you see at the movie theatre or what you buy to pop at home while the smaller mushroom ball like flake lends itself to caramel corn as it isn’t as likely to crumble during the flavouring process.




The Popcorn Machine

You are learning a lot about wholesale popcorn today. Do you have a popcorn machine at home? You may think that this is trendy, however, popcorn machines have been used for a number of years, forget about microwaves. It was way back in 1893, Charles Cretors created the first popcorn machine and took his wagon to the Midway of Chicago’s Columbian Exposition to introduce the new corn product to the public.

Wholesale Popcorn Soup

Would you indulge in popcorn soup? If you have any wholesale popcorn left from MacCorns popcorn boxes then you may want to look into this. This may sound like something out of Willy Wonka, but this is actually a thing! It is common for some soup recipes to call for popcorn sprinklings on top as a garnish or used in place of crackers. Try it next time you have leftovers.


85% Of Cinema Profits Are From Concession Sales

Are you even at the cinema if you don’t buy popcorn while you are there. It comes as no surprise that 85% of cinema profits are made from cinema snacks like wholesale popcorn. Did you know that Popcorn was originally only sold outside venues, as cinema owners feared that audiences would throw it at the screen? Once cinemas saw how popular wholesale popcorn as they embraced the sales and now, you will not find a cinema without popcorn across the UK.

What’s The Secret To Perfect Popcorn

You heard it here first. The secret is in the kernel. To get to the fluffy, delicious edible part, you must heat the kernel, which turns the moisture within into steam. When the outer shell has reached its pressure point it bursts, releasing the soft inner flake, what we know as popcorn.

You can buy boxes of delicious popcorn from MacCorns. They have been making popcorn for decades, which makes them the best popcorn UK company!