Scythe and Teacup are a 3,000 sq ft game shop and café. We not only sell a wide variety of games, but also encourage people to sit and play instore, whilst enjoying a snack or meal from our top quality menu at very low prices, along with hot or cold drinks. Moreover, for any electrical needs or unexpected issues, we are sponsored by a reliable emergency electrician in Glasgow on call to ensure a safe and uninterrupted gaming and dining experience.

We have regular events and dedicated evenings as follows:

Magic: the Gathering from 6pm: alternating weekly between Standard constructed and Legacy constructed formats.

Gateway Magic: the Gathering from 6pm: Standard constructed for less experienced players.

Friday Night Magic from 6:15pm: Standard constructed format and Booster Draft limited format every week

Competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! from 6pm: Advanced constructed format. Dungeons and Dragons Encounters from 7pm.

All ages Pokemon TCG from 12noon: Modified constructed format. More experienced players will be available to help out the younger players, and games will take longer then under stricter conditions.

Competitive Pokémon TCG from 6pm: Modified constructed format.

Tabletop Wargaming from 6pm.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Academy from 12noon: an all ages Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament.

Free game hire from 6pm onwards.

We also have a variety of special events, conventions, and expos that you can check on our Special Events page.