We are a 3,000 sq ft game shop and cafe. We not only sell a wide variety of games, but also encourage people to sit and play instore, whilste enjoying a snack or meal from our top quality menu at very low prices, along with hot or cold drinks.

We have regular events and dedicated evenings as follows:

Magic: the Gathering from 6pm: alternating weekly between Standard constructed and Legacy constructed formats.Competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! from 6pm: Advanced constructed format. Dungeons and Dragons Encounters from 7pm.Competitive Pokemon TCG from 6pm: Modified constructed format. Gateway Magic: the Gathering from 6pm: Standard constructed for less experienced players. Tabletop Wargaming from 6pm.

Friday Night Magic from 6:15pm: Standard constructed format and Booster Draft limited format every weekYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Academy from 12noon: an all ages Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament.
Free game hire from 6pm onwards.

All ages Pokemon TCG from 12noon: Modified constructed format. More experienced players will be available to help out the younger players, and games will take longer then under stricter conditions. Tabletop Wargaming from 6pm.

We also have a variety of special events, conventions, and expos that you can check on our Special Events page.