Culture and Fashion

Fashion is a new concept in the art world. It is not a physical activity, but is a kind of culture. In this article, we will talk about the origin of fashion.

It can be described as the sum of the ideas that come from real people, who also apply the style to their own life. Everyone has their own version of fashion. For example, the classic and powerful expression of fashion is represented by the Nike. Fashion should not be the fashion of everyday life, rather it is a culture. In fact, fashion is both a genre and a specific kind of art that express life.


Originally, the people behind the fashion industry were the designers of each country. The designers often developed their own styles. These styles gradually became popular in other countries, until they influenced the artists. The artist and designer came up with these distinct looks. That’s why, you have so many different kinds of fashion.

Contemporary design is the current fashion. This is something that becomes more accessible, to the masses. People can now wear what they want, but at the same time, it is still considered fashionable. It has an excellent status.

There are cultures that have distinct dresses for the men and women. It is not just an image that comes from the culture of the origin. In fact, fashion is a way to express yourself. It depends on each culture. It may vary from the Egyptian Egypt to the Norwegian culture. Each culture had their own way of expressing the culture of that region.

Each culture has its own style. They have their own dress codes. Because of this, fashion, or fashion as a culture, makes our culture more common.


In our culture, there are already plenty of colors and forms in the fashion scene. It is not necessarily limited to white, black and red. It is complicated because it creates lots of different expressions. It will always be in the process of development, always in the current fashion scene.

This is not a simple expression of culture. It is very complicated, and it changes with the culture. Nowadays, fashion is also an area of political activity. In Europe, most political parties spend most of their money on different areas of culture. However, even in this aspect, it will always remain the same.