Using Storage Containers At Home

Using Storage Containers At Home

Sometimes less really is more. Product handling doesn’t have to be just for businesses, infact there is a lot more you can do with crates and euro containers. At home the best you can do is downsize, giving your home a more minimalistic feel.

If you are the owner of a tiny bedroom there are storage solutions which you can incorporate to make your room more spacious. If you’ve pared down as much as you can, don’t worry we have some top tips on how you can use product handling solutions in your home.

Here are five smart ways to fit more storage in your bedroom without feeling claustrophobic in all of your things.

storage space with euro conrtainers

Maximise under the bed with Euro containers

Your mum would probably kill us for saying use the space under your bed, however, it isn’t a bad idea at all if you are struggling for space. Feng Shui would probably disagree with us too but it’s simply one of the smartest and easiest ways to save space.

By using the space under your bed we do not mean shove everything you don’t need aside, we mean to organise and add a whole area of storage to your sleep space. Here are ways you can save space under your bed:

  • Buy a storage bed
  • Organise clothes/goods into euro containers with lids or crates
  • Raise your current bed and add storage containers

Organise your dresser

Anything that doesn’t need to be in that dresser, remove it and add it to the euro container list. The hack to great storage is great folding and drawer dividers. This may take time and you may have to spend your day off sorting your goods but it will be well worth it.

Make sure that you are vacuum packing out-of-season clothing, winter clothes can be extremely bulky and it is a great way to cut down the amount of space you are using.


storage containers

Find unused space in your closet

Is your wardrobe a porthole to another world? Make sure that you keep in organised to get the best out of it. Make sure your shoes are in euro containers at the bottom of your wardrobe. As that’s the best way you can make the most of the storage space that you are using. As you have most likely noticed, organisation and storage go hand in hand.


Use double duty furniture

First of all, remove any furniture from your room that does not need to be there. If you are going to buy any furniture invest in small storage cabinets instead of a table. Be clever with your space. If that means you have to sacrifice pieces of furniture for others so be it.

You can also buy euro containers for storage fairly cheap on the Exporta Global website. Exporta helps hundreds of businesses with storage solutions every year. If you require euro containers for your home. Get in touch and they will be able to offer you a range of storage boxes in different sizes.