Why Convert VHS To DVD?

Why Convert VHS To DVD?

There are a wide number of reasons as to why you may wish to convert VHS to DVD. This guide will look at the overall benefits of doing so and establish why this should really be a long term option that you consider if you would like to preserve media for future generations.

What Is VHS?

VHS is a type of media format which was in common use and circulation from the 1970s onwards until around the mid 2000s. VHS came in the form of tapes which could be put into VHS players in order to play media typically in the form of television programmes or movies.

Since the creation of the DVD VHS discs have been gradually dropping in popularity and widespread use. In the current day and age VHS tapes are almost redundant as their technology is no longer supported and DVD’s are now the main media format for this type of media.

Convert VHS to DVD

What Are The Main Reasons For Converting To DVD?

There are a number of reasons as to why you may wish to convert VHS to DVD overall. One of the main reasons for converting VHS to DVD is the added flexibility that a DVD can provide. A DVD can be used on computers as well as DVD players and portable DVD players.

This means that media is a lot more accessible overall and can be used on multiple digital platforms. Another key benefit of converting VHS to DVD overall is support for the media format. Unfortunately due to the age of VHS tapes they aren’t nearly as desirable as other media formats and as a result there is little to no support left for them in terms of repair.

Convert VHS to DVD

This contrasts with DVD’s which are very much the more mainstream and widely used form of media. It is easy to source support services for this type of media.

  • DVD’s can be purchased for low prices and discs can wiped and used for other media
  • DVD’s can be recycled easily
  • DVD’s are considerably more durable than VHS tapes and in some cases can even last over 100 years if properly stored and looked after.
  • Another key reason why DVD’s have become so popular is their widespread availability. There are billions of DVD’s in circulation around the world
  • The cost to repair or replace DVD’s is very economical

How Does The Conversion Process Work And What Are The Benefits?

There are a number of key things to note about the conversion process and how it works. One of the main points to note is that the conversion process takes only a matter of days. This means that you can have your treasured media back within days alongside the new copies.

Media is sent via post and then delivered back once the conversion process has taken place. Often the new and converted media will be of higher overall quality thanks to being on a newer media format.

Overall it is clear that converting VHS to DVD can bring a wide range of benefits and is overall likely to be a hugely beneficial process.