Charity Shop Questions: Where Can I Get A Manual Pallet Stacker?

Charity Shop Questions: Where Can I Get A Manual Pallet Stacker?

Your Local Charity Shop Needs You! Help Answer Our Questions Today.

One local charity shop has requested that we ask some questions to our readers to help give them some advice. They’d like to see what you have to say about getting more people through their doors. They’d also like to hear whether you have any advice when it comes to finding a new manual pallet stacker! Just get in touch with us at Scythe and Teacup if you have any recommendations for them.

How can we get more people coming through our doors?

At the local charity shop, we really appreciate how many donations we receive from the community all year round. It really helps go towards our fundraising efforts in the long run and will help us to help those who need it, especially during these harder winter months.
However, what we really now need is to increase the number of people coming through our doors. We have a lot of regulars, for which we are extremely grateful, however, it would be really great if we could expand this to get new people through the doors.
We have a great selection of books, homeware and clothes and we really need to start selling some of our inventory so that we can get more of our stock out on the shelves.
What can we do to get more people through the doors? If you have any suggestions at all please feel free to share them with us, either by getting in touch or by popping into the shop while you’re out and about. Thanks in advance!
A manual pallet stacker would help us organise our book sales.

Where can we obtain a manual pallet stacker?

Related to our point above, we have taken in so many donations recently, it’s been wonderful! However, our stock room is now very full and we have expanded the space. Our old manual pallet stacker has broken, and this was a gift from a local business.
Now we seriously need to find a new company from which we can get a brand new manual pallet stacker to help us sort out our stock and get goods from the storage to the shop and so on.
Do you have any recommendations? So far we’ve been told to look at B&QLLM Handling and some others but we’d like to hear from a few locals before we get going. If you know of anywhere selling a second-hand manual pallet stacker we would really appreciate it. Thanks again!
An example of a manual pallet stacker that we would like to find.