The Most Lavish (Expensive) Beauty Treatments in the World

The Most Lavish (Expensive) Beauty Treatments in the World

The majority of us spend an alarming amount on self grooming. Whether it be our highlight which cost more than £100, expensive make up or the odd facial. Most of us can’t imagine paying anymore for our favourite treatments or products. Believe it or not there are some insane treatments out there that will make your £40 foundation seem like a bottle of Rimmel. So what are some of the most ridiculously expensive beauty treatments on the planet? Lets take a look…

£20,000 Haircut

Stylist Stuart Philips charges some of his clients as much as 20k for a simple haircut. His salon, which is located in London’s Covent Garden, is said to be popular amongst London socialites and the wives of Russian Oligarchs. Mr Philips entered the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2007 for the most expensive haircut (back then it was only £8,000). If you are wondering what you get for 20k, you get Philip’s ‘undivided attention’ (well I would hope so). He has also been known to provide many additional extras for this cost, including bodyguards, personal chefs and exotic oils. For this price though, we hope he is throwing in a semi-detached house as well!

Vampire Facelift

This treatment was initially made popular in the US, thanks to stars like Kim Kardashian paying up so $1,500 for one. Back here in the UK this particularly freaky face lift is growing in popularity. It involves injecting human blood from the patients body into their face. This is said to create a more youthful appearance and rejuvenate the skin. You can get yourself a vampire face lift in the UK for around £600/£700. We would recommend not trying that one at home to save yourself a few bucks.

HD Diamond and Ruby Facial

This is about as over the top and lavish as they come. Originally created by a celebrity esthetician called Scott Vincent Borba, it involves rubbing precious jewels including crushed diamonds and rubies into the clients face. Not only this, apparently the treatment ends with a paraffin silk fibre mask. Celebrities including Mila Kunis is a fan and you can get yourself one for £6,000+, if you have some spare cash lying about at the end of the month.

Evian Water Bath

Now, you may think you have had plenty of baths over the years and they are nothing to write home about, that is because you haven’t had an Evian bath before! Nothing will clean you up better than bathing in 350 gallons of Evian water. Now before you get too excited and get your cheque book out, this lavish experience is only available in Hotel Victor, located in Miami. If you stay in the Penthouse Suite here you can pay another $5,000 for the best bath of your life (apparently).

White Diamond Manicure

Before you get excited, lets get to the grim part – this manicure will cost almost £1 million pounds. That’s right, more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetime. Kelly Osborne was responsible for making this ridiculously extortionate manicure popular. Thanks for that Kelly.