Life Hacks That Will Make You Look Effortlessly Beautiful

Life Hacks That Will Make You Look Effortlessly Beautiful

Most of us wouldn’t mind changing some aspects of our body or features. The fact is, no one is perfect (except perhaps Kendall Jenner, she’s pretty darn perfect). The point is we could all do with learning a few tips and tricks that could make us look effortlessly beautiful. The great thing about these hacks is, they actually don’t require too much effort and could even save you time on your beauty routine!

BB Cream / Tinted Moisturiser

If you like the fresh faced look but can’t stand yourself without make-up, you’re not alone! All any of us really want is so be able to look amazing without make-up on. The fact is, you probably do look pretty good without foundation on but we all can’t help but give ourselves a hard time. Tinted moisturiser is a great way to achieve a slight glow and cover up any imperfections whilst being lighter that foundation. It often will also look like you aren’t wearing anything at all so it’s a win win. BB cream is a similar product, it is creamy in texture and is lighter than foundation, still giving you cover but with less effort required and it doesn’t clog your pores quite as much.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil should just change it’s name to miracle oil. You can use this stuff on practically anything and it will improve it. Skin dry? Rub some coconut oil on it? Hair dry and brittle? Rub some coconut oil on it. Heck you can also cook with it to make your dinner a healthie r option and you often can’t taste the difference.

One serious life hack you can gain from coconut oil is a process known as ‘oil pulling‘. This is a process of putting coconut oil in your mouth and swirling it around your mouth for 20 minutes, 1 or 2 times a day and this will lead to whiter teeth! Although the easier and quicker option may be to use whitening strips, this is incredibly bad for your teeth as they break down the enamel on the surface of your teeth. Using coconut oil can achieve great results with a bit of patience, and you’re not damaging your teeth.

More Sleep

It is no secret that sleep is important. We all wish we could catch a few extra z’s during the night. When you get more sleep you find yourself far more rested and this comes across in your appearance. Eye bags are one of the biggest tell tale signs of a lack of sleep. One way to effectively avoid this common issue is to get more sleep each night. There are many factors which can affect your natural sleep/wake cycle, including coffee, alarm clocks and external light. You should be aiming for a minimum of 8 hours sleep each night, although it has been suggested that odd numbers of sleep are actually more beneficial and make you feel more rested the next day.

Look Out Your Outfit The Night Before

Although there is no scientific research behind this one, it will save you time in the morning and will reduce the risk of you leaving the house in a half-put together look. Win-win!